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Open Source Contributions

I contribute to OSS (Open Source Software) whenever time allows.

Because I myself, have been using many open-source softwares on a regular basis.

Here are few of my open-source projects.

1: Triggered Autocomplete Input Field for Vue3

Vue3 plugin which show a list of options after trigger character is detected as user types (eg. ‘@’, ‘#’, etc).

Here’s a demo to test it out.

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2: Nepali Date Picker for Vue2

This is a date picker component for vue 2.

It is for Nepali market, the place where I’m from because we have our own calendar.

It’s a fork from here and I’ve added my own changes to allow custom input field.

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3: Flowchart Builder based on Vue3 (Work In Progress)

This is an attempt to build a flowchart builder.

Here is a work in progress demo (auto updates to the latest build).

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